November 30, 2023


Chiranjeevi recently shared how Salman Khan agreed to star in GodFather without listening to the script. Salman also turned down money for the role.

Telugu megastar Chiranjeevi is filled with gratitude for Bollywood star Salman Khan, who readily agreed to play a small part in his upcoming movie, GodFather, a remake of the film Lucifer. Salman agreed to appear in the movie without reading a script, and also refused to take any payment for his cameo.

In a new interview, Chiranjeevi shared how GodFather’s director Mohan Raja suggested Salman’s name for the role. So, Chiranjeevi told the filmmaker that he will try to bring the Bollywood star onboard as “he is the best friend of our family” and “respects all of us and the same way we respect him so much.”

Chiranjeevi told Film Companion that he sent a message to Salman, who immediately replied to him, “Yeah, yeah Chiru garu, what do you want?” The Telugu star continued, “I told him it’s a small character but very respectable, and you can watch Lucifer in case you want. He said, ‘No, no Chiru garu, I am doing it. Just send your person, we will discuss dates and everything.’ Within 2-3 minutes he agreed.”

GodFather is the Telugu remake of Mohanlal’s Malayalam film Lucifer, which marked the directorial debut of actor Prithviraj Sukumaran.

Then, Godfather’s producer and Chiranjeevi’s son, Ram Charan, went to meet Salman. To him, Salman said, “Charan, you are my brother. Definitely, I want to do it. I need not see Lucifer. Just send a person to narrate my character.”

Salman refused to accept any fees for his role in GodFather. Chiranjeevi shared, “When my producers went to him and offered him some amount, not knowing how much it was, he said, ‘You cannot buy my love towards Ram and Chiranjeevi garu with money. Get lost.’” Salman’s gesture filled Chiranjeevi with “love and affection for Sallu bhai”.

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Earlier, at a pre-release event of the film, Chiranjeevi had promised the audience some fireworks with Salman and him sharing the screen. “Salman Khan has taken the responsibility on my behalf to entertain you towards the climax. It has come out brilliantly,” he said.

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