There is a final question to be asked as to whether or not Johnson will remain an MP after leaving office. He could be an influential backbencher, a role he has previously enjoyed. He could be a thorn in the new PM’s side, as many previous premiers have been to their successors. He could, if a parliamentary inquiry finds that he deliberately misled parliament over Partygate, face a recall election and lose his seat. Or he could simply drift to the next election, taking the salary for a couple of years but effectively being a retired MP.

Of course, all of this is speculative. Johnson is, in contrast to his public image, a very private person who even his closest friends find hard to accurately read.

There is no obvious next step for Johnson, but even as he leaves the highest office in the land, Johnson’s drive and ambition are still plain to see. So, while it is not clear exactly what comes next for one of Britain’s most divisive leaders, one thing everyone can be sure of is that we’ve not heard the last of Boris Johnson.