May 29, 2023


Canada’s Dependent Work Visa: Spouse can also apply for an open work permit so that they can work in Canada as well.

Canadian government allows immigration for family members under the dependent work permit category. If a person obtains a job offer from a Canadian employer and has an open work permit, they may be entitled to bring their spouse and children to Canada. Children can be eligible to attend education institutions in Canada without having separate study permits. Additionally, spouse can also apply for an open work permit so that they can work in Canada as well.

Who can be included in the Canada dependent visa?

Spouse of children can be included in the dependent visa applications in Canada. Parents and grandparents on the other hand must be sponsored by permanent residents or Canadian citizens. Family members eligible under Canada’s dependent work visa are: Spouse, spousal or common-law partners over the age of 16, both parents and grandparents, dependent children, including adopted children, siblings, nephews and nieces, children under 18.

What are the application requirements for Canada’s dependent visa?

The requirements for Canada’s dependent work permit include proof of financial condition and stability over the past 12 months. For children, they must be younger than 22 years and their birth certificate will be needed for the visa application.

What are the documents required to apply for dependents?

The documents required to apply for dependents include: passport & travel history, background documentation, spouse/partner documentation including marriage certificate and completed application after payment of consulate fees.

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