December 7, 2023


The WHO is yet to provide the exact “one to one casual relation of deaths,” said sources after the world organisation linked the deaths of 66 children in Gambia to the manufacturing of cough syrups in India.

An official source further said, “While all required steps will be taken, as a robust regulatory authority, WHO has been requested to share with CDSCO at the earliest the report on the establishment of a causal relation to the deaths with the medical products in question, photographs of labels/products, etc,” PTI reported.

The World Health Organization issued a warning on Wednesday (October 6) against “contaminated” and “standard” cough syrups allegedly manufactured in Haryana by Maiden Pharmaceuticals Limited as a possible cause of death in the West African nation.

The WHO earlier informed the Drugs Controller General of India that it is providing medical assistance to Gambia. After the deaths were reported, the health organisation suspected the use of medicines to be the prime reason for the deaths. It highlighted that medicines might have been contaminated with Diethylene Glycol or Ethylene Glycol and later confirmed the samples to be positive as well.

As per WHO’s tentative result, four out of the 23 samples found diethylene glycol or ethylene glycol.

The CDSCO said that it responded to the WHO immediately and took up the matter with the authorities.

The source further added that a detailed investigation was launched into the matter with the Haryana State Drugs Controller.

WHO has also confirmed that soon India will share the certificate of analysis.

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