September 29, 2023



Why are your eyes red?

Since our eyes are constantly exposed to the screen of our phones, laptops, TVs and whatnots, it is only logical to pay more attention to the health of our eyes for ensuring healthy vision.

Apart from changes in vision, many people notice something could be wrong with their eyes when they notice their eyes are red or “bloodshot.” This could be perhaps if you are too tired and have not slept well, or it could even be one of the earliest signs of some health condition.

In general, the redness happens due to swollen and inflamed blood vessels on the surface of the eye. Here are some health issues that could be linked to your red eye:

Viral conjunctivitis

This is a viral infection, commonly called “pink eye.” It refers to inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is a thin, clear membrane that covers the eye and lines the inside of the eyelid. If you have conjunctivitis, then in addition to redness, you may also experience a burning feeling in the eyes or a sense that there is something in the eye. Clear discharge, eye crusting and swelling are also signs of viral conjunctivitis.


COVID infection is by now well-known for its large range of symptoms, even though it has been primarily associated with infection of the lungs. One of these signs of getting infected with COVID could be your red eye. Health experts share that Coronavirus can enter the body via the eyes and travel to the brain from the back of the eye.

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Eye redness could be due to some allergy, even if you don’t feel allergies in your nose. Pollen, dust mites and sometimes animal hair can cause allergic reactions which can lead to red eyes. Along with this, you may also feel an itchy, burning sensation in your eyes.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses should be cleaned properly with the cleansing solution before use. It is also essential that your hands should be clean while wearing the lenses and that the lenses should not be old or broken.

If any of these basic measures are not followed, then the lenses may cause abrasion to the surface of the eye and allow infection to enter.

Researchers have also found that reusing lenses, wearing them overnight or in the shower increases a person’s risk of Acanthamoeba keratitis (AK), which is an infection of the cornea. In this condition, the parasite acanthamoeba gets trapped between the cornea and the contact lens and can eat into the cornea, causing severe pain and in a quarter of cases, blindness.

Dry eye syndrome

Dry eye syndrome happens when your tears don’t lubricate your eyes properly, resulting in dry, red and irritated eyes. This can happen when your eyes don’t make enough tears or the tears produced are low-quality.

Over-the-counter eye drops designed to lubricate them can help soothe dry eyes. If your dry eye persists, consult an optometrist to evaluate your eyes.

Red eyes can happen occasionally without any cause of worry. However, chronic red eyes aren’t normal and should be timely evaluated by an eye doctor.

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