December 7, 2023


The Logitech G502 X Plus is pitched as a premium, high-end gaming mouse with RGB lighting, low latency, and many customisation options.

I don’t remember the last time I appreciated a gaming mouse so much. In 2014, the Logitech G502 impressed me with its classic design. Years later, while using the G502 X Plus, after the initial bout of nostalgia, I found both the mouse and experience “elevated” in every sense. Curious if the Logitech G502 X Plus is worth it at a price that’s more than what you normally pay for an entry-level 5G smartphone? Here’s what I thought.

Logitech G502 X Plus price in India: Rs 15,495

Form factor and build

Aesthetically, the Logitech G502X Plus has a grown-up look when compared to the iconic G502. My review unit came in a smooth white and grey finish. I was a bit concerned about stains that would start showing on the mouse, but after using the Logitech G502X Plus for a few days now, I can confidently say there are still no stains visible.

The plastic body doesn’t make the G502X Plus premium, but the build quality does seem top-notch. This type of gaming-centric mouse has always been meant to look different. This is very slick, but I don’t mind using this mouse for casual and office use.

The G502X Plus is comfortable, customisable, and tailor-made for gaming. For lefties, there is bad news. The mouse is somewhat right-handed. Sure, there are three-size buttons on the left side for easy reach, but they are poorly positioned for a left hand.

Flipping the mouse over, you will notice a small removable flap at the bottom where you can store the 2.4Ghz connector. This way you can store the connector without worrying about losing it. However, you can use it with a wired connection using a USB to USB-C cable which comes as part of the package. This cable also charges the mouse, meaning you can play and charge at the same time. Unfortunately, the mouse lacks Bluetooth connectivity which is a bit off in my opinion.

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Buttons and customisation

The moment you plug the mouse into the PC, it instantly lights up and starts working. The RGB lighting on the mouse is just amazing. There are eight lighting zones that can be programmed in different ways in software. It’s a delight to watch the beautiful colours when you turn off the lights in the room.

On the sides, you will find textured rubber grips that feel smooth and manage to keep your hand in place. The two main clicks are of different shapes, with the right click being more curved. Under the mouse, there are four pads that offer very good glides.

The mouse scroll wheel is redesigned and is now made of a rubberised material. In the beginning, it felt a bit wobbly (it has the ability to be tilted left and right) but after prolonged use, I felt comfortable with the scroll wheel. There are a total of 13 buttons on the mouse. The two buttons next to the left click will allow you to change the DPI of the mouse, but again everything is programmable using the Login hub software (more on that later). On the left edge of the mouse, there are three buttons, two to go back/forward a web page and one near the thumb to change the resolution. Besides its great responsiveness and comfort, the mouse’s programmable buttons offer a great choice for MMO gaming and shooters.

Gaming performance

The mouse is compatible with Windows, but I also used the mouse with my MacBook Air M1. Just a reminder that not every feature of the mouse works with the Mac. Anyways, the Logitech G502 X Plus is designed for gaming and it didn’t disappoint. It uses the Hero 25K sensor which can reach 25,000 DPI, and its lightspeed technology reduces latency. I keep my mouse at 4000 DPI. The DPI simply means how many dots per second a mouse cursor moves. The higher the number, the greater the sensitivity.

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I played DOTA 2, Doom: Eternal and Fortnite, and thanks to programmable buttons and the PTEE feel, the mouse felt instantaneous. I did not feel any delay. I have used the Logitech G502 X Plus for over a month, at least six to seven hours a day for work and gaming.

The mouse is really comfortable to use for many hours. No wrist or finger fatigue. I also liked the G Hub software which can be used to customise your controls and buttons. The mouse lasts closer to Logitech’s claim of 120-hour battery life. It lasts about 30 hours with the RGB constantly on.

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