September 25, 2023




Hitting the perfect spot with sound, build and pricing is Sony earbud, which is a neckband

Not everyone wants earbuds and not everyone wants to use headphones except for particular activities, like going on a run. There are cheap earbuds, which can be tough on the ear canal. Then comes high-end over-ear headphones that are too expensive for workouts. And then there are high expectations when it comes to audio quality. Hitting the perfect spot with sound, build and pricing is the Sony WI-C100, which is a neckband.

There are hundreds of neckbands to choose from but when it comes to sound quality only a few are worth suggesting. This is one of them.

The build of this pair is top-notch. There is nothing fancy but the plastic that has been used is quite good and having used it for a few weeks, there are no scratches or technical issues. The rating is only IPX4 but that’s sufficient to take care of exercise-focused routines.

These are not expensive yet the company has thrown in custom equalizer support and enough eartips in the box to ensure a good fit for all users. There are two capsules on either end of the neckband — the one on the right has the battery while the one on the left has all the controls. There is also the microphone on the left capsule and charging port.

The neckband is flat and very comfortable even for long hours of usage. Plus, there is a good deal of balance when it comes to the capsules on either end. I have enjoyed the great seal the ear tips offer and it can easily cancel passive sound around you. They are snug and won’t fall off. The only issue with the design is that the earbuds don’t magnetically attach to each other. Otherwise, it’s a convenient device to have on you.

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Coming to music, it has enough extra bass to add excitement. The mids shine and perhaps a little effort was required on the lows. Otherwise, vocals are clear and there is no bass bloat or piercing highs. Not that I would listen to The Blue Danube Waltz on it but the C100 can handle that too. The equalizer control has quite a few presets — bright, excited, mellow, relaxed, treble boost and so on. One spec I didn’t expect but is there — Digital Sound Enhancement Engine. With the music source being compressed, audio files lose high-frequency elements that add detail and richness to a track. DSEE restores them to produce high-quality sound. There is also 360 Reality Audio, which gives an immersive feel.

A single charge will give you 25 hours of music listening. As for the microphone, it’s decent and gets the work done. If you are on the road, the mic does pick up some ambient noise.

If you are looking for a simple neckband that doesn’t compromise on sound, Sony WI-C100 (Rs 1,699) is worth it. There is enough oomph and excitement.

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