September 25, 2023



Storm Claudio In UK: Storm Claudio is expected to bring heavy rainfall across southern and central England.

As storm Claudio brought strong winds to parts of southern England along with heavy rainfall that lashed most of the UK, the weather office issued a yellow warning on Tuesday saying that there could be major disruptions caused by the storm.

The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for wind for the south until 8am on Tuesday as winds of up to 70 miles per hour have hit parts of England’s southern coast.

“What it means for the UK is for some high winds to be possible along much of the southern coast of England,” the weather office said.

Storm Claudio is also expected to bring heavy rainfall across southern and central England causing possible floods and transport disruption, the weather office said.

Winds are likely to be strongest along Irish Sea coastal areas, including western Wales, north west England and south west Scotland, as well as the east coast of Northern Ireland, it further said.

Deputy chief meteorologist Steven Keates said: “In addition to high winds in the warning area, many parts of the UK will experience strong and gusty winds, at least for a time, during Wednesday.”

Conditions are unlikely to improve by midweek as well, he further warned.

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