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In a recent interview, the former India captain has made a massive revelation on his bond with Dhoni, as he spoke about their “misunderstandings”.

The bond, the friendship MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli share is known to all. They were teammates first, which transformed into a great friendship and it remains the same way even after Dhoni no longer part of the Indian team post his retirement. In fact, during the 2022 Asia Cup last month, Kohli had revealed that Dhoni was the only person to have texted him after he had relinquished his Test captaincy role for India. However, in a recent interview, the former India captain has made a massive revelation on his bond with Dhoni, as he spoke about their “misunderstandings”. (India vs Pakistan Live Score T20 World Cup 2022)

Team India is all geared up to begin their 2022 T20 World Cup campaign on Sunday at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Kohli too is also set to make an appearance against one of his favourite opponents at one of his favourite destination.

Ahead of the big game, Kohli was interviewed by the ICC where he spoke about Dhoni, his equation with the former captain and the support he got from him during the early days of his career.

“What I experienced with my friendship and relationship with MS Dhoni is very difficult to explain because it is based on understanding and trust. We never actually, when people talk about batting together and calling for runs, as soon as the ball went into the gap, we never called. I knew he was running for two, I am running for two. We had a misunderstanding once or twice in 10-12 years. Apart from that, we were so focused on what the team wants and what we need to do for the team all the time. There was always that trust, faith between each other that we are going to do the job for the team,” said Kohli on ICC Review.

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“Within that faith and trust, then the relationship evolved outside the game as well. We spoke on many things, we understood each other’s mindsets absolutely clearly and the support he provided in my early days was crucial for my growth. Later part of his career, I was always there for him and the transition between two captains, for the outside world it was quite like wow, we have never experienced this before but for us, it was quite normal,” he added.

“It was never like he was the captain or I was the captain. For me, he was always the same guy. His input was always valuable for me. For us, it was never about who was the captain, it has been a free-flowing relationship. It is something which I am going to cherish for the rest of my life.”

Kohli also spoke about how it was being part of the Dhoni-led India side that had lifted the ODI World Cup trophy in 2011 on home soil.

“I was looking at all the guys around me, I was the youngest in that (2011 World Cup winning team) so it was surreal to be part of my first World Cup and we end up winning that tournament. I saw the emotions of all the guys who have been there for so long, Sachin Tendulkar getting emotional, Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh and all these guys,” said Kohli.

“And then MS has probably seen these guys playing before him and to then lead them to a World Cup win, I just could see the emotion, I couldn’t quite feel it, to be very honest. I could not understand what they were feeling because I was not in that position. But the whole moment was so powerful and overwhelming so I got pulled in with all that emotion and feeling,” he added.

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